Ask anyone who is using the Internet regularly about websites like myspace, yahoo 360 or classmates. Everyone will have one common answer that these are social networking websites. These social networking websites have increased in popularity through the recent years. People who have been using these kinds of social networking websites will be well aware of their popularity and also the reason behind it. Let’s see something that helps these social networking websites to draw the attention millions of people towards them.


With wide variety of social networking websites in use, there are different reasons for their popularity in the Internet. The fist feature noted in most of the social networking websites like Myspace is their ease of use. Even one with very little knowledge about the Internet could use these social networking websites. These social networking websites are made so simple so that users can easily navigate through the pages.


Second aspect is the easiness in making new friends with the help of these social networking websites. There are many people who really love to make new friends online. The reason being, social networking websites allow the users to get the information about the interests of the other Internet user before making any contact or conversation with him. Without these social networking websites we would have to connect to others through chat rooms, and learn about their interests by actual conversation before considering them as friends.


Another noticeable feature of social networking websites is that most of them are free to use. All we have to do is to make a free registration in these social networking sites. Once the registration is complete, we are all set to go. This free registration for a unique service is one of the main aspects that make these social networking websites more popular. However, some of the social networking websites like Classmates offer only a free trial membership. You can try the website and decide whether it is worth paying for. Since most Internet users don’t really want to pay for something that they can get for free, these paid social networking websites have only limited number of members.


Meeting new people and making new friends online is the basic use of these social networking websites. Apart from making friends, most of these websites have started including some additional features. The additional features they offer are, free webpage, free music, free videos, free blog etc for their members. There are people who use these social networking websites for business promotion.
Mentioned above are very few of a bunch of benefits of these social networking websites. These are the reasons why these networking websites are at the top.

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