Color is important to design, especially in designing for the web. many shops use the web as a sales tool now & using the correct colors can generate more sales, although picking the wrong colors can mean that fewer users & fewer sales.

Finding out about the psychology of color is crucial for all website designers if they want to compose a successful web-site. This is because different colors affect humans in different ways, & can influence emotions & moods. this means that your color choice could upset your users if you don’t get it right.

color can also be used to guide users to a specific area of the page. For example, you may want a user to click the purchase now button, which means that making it bold is extremely vital.

Here’s a guide to how different colors influence & affect humans:

White is a minimalist color. linked to simplicity, cleanliness & purity, it can be used to highlight images.

Yellow is linked with comfort, liveliness, energy and joy. it is a vibrant color that can be used to highlight specific areas on a web page.

The color red can summon feelings of passionate, courage and strength. it is a strong color and if used in small doses, it’s great for highlighting points.

The color black can be linked to death, mourning, power and style. many metal bands use black as their main color due to its associations with death and evil.

Yellow summons visions of summer, joy and optimism. its a color that can be overwhelming and if used in conjunction with black, it creates a warning feel.

Just like yellow, red is associated with love, sex and energy. it can also be overpowering if overused, although its fabulous to attract attention.

Grey can be linked with respect, humility, decay and boredom. it’s used a lot to form shiny gradients in designing for the world wide web to give a slick, futuristic feel to a web site.

Orange is strongly related to spirituality and healing. it’s the color that represents Buddhism and its a calming energy about it. it’s a bold color that is not as lively as yellow yet not a deep as red.

Brown, particularly the the lighter end can have a calming effect. Beige is also a popular color in designing web sites because it provides an earthy and relaxed feel. it might also mean tradition, poverty and nature.

Grey can be linked to refinement, innovation and the future. The paler side is similar to white in that it’s a fabulous color to use on a website’s background to form a sense of space and modernism.

It is evident that colors do not just make a website look alluring, although they also have an underlying effect of user experience and can thus dictate how successful a site can be. getting the colors right can create a web site that users can identify and will make them more willing to use, explore and promote the web site to friends. picking incorrect colors can accidentally put users off and have them leave your site for somebody elses.

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