Web site design is based on your business needs and branding directions. Decide which type of website you are going to design. While designing the web site you have to keep some things in mind. Very first thing is that the Background and Text applied on the webpage should be arranged in proper way. Use colors carefully. Bad color combination, small & stylish font may cause hard reading as well as bad impressions of web browsers’ experience.

The second most important point of web design is Content. Content is the stuff (text and graphics) of Web pages. It is not just arrangement or design of web page. To write Better Web Content is very important, while writing use short sentences, terms & paragraphs. Paragraph should contain only one or two ideas. Most important thing while writing does not copy content from other websites to avoid facing duplicate content penalty.

The pages of the website should appear professional. Website should be easy to navigate, means it should be user friendly. Make sure that all links are clickable, as most of the users are in favor of the easy navigation on any site. Site maps and proper headline tags do count.

Use high-resolution graphics which are light in weight for faster downloading, as it takes minimum time. The images should add to the content and help in describing the sites resources and services. Always use descriptive title and meat tags on page. If you are not taking care of your headline tags, not adding Meta tags in each of your web pages, or if you have been stuffing a lot of keywords in your websites, then you will surely not gain the favor of search engines.

Includes powerful programming, custom graphic design, even some e-commerce and SEO, it is quite a value indeed, in webpage.

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