Wordpress team have released the third beta version of Wordpress 2.7 on November 15th, 2008.

There will be the new background color (a darker tone of white color) with a clean look. The most important thing is: There is a auto update option for wordpress, though you still have the old fashioned way to update manually by downloading and uploading the files to the server.

Click here to download Wordpress 2.7 Beta 3 (via wordpress.org)

According to the Wordpress team, the new features are below:

  1. Numerous style improvements and refinements.
  2. All admin notices now go under the page title.
  3. PHP Notice fixes.
  4. Dashboard widget options now properly save.
  5. Menu fixes.
  6. New design for Quick Edit.
  7. Canonical feed URL fixes.
  8. Walker fixes.
  9. An update for Hello Dolly.
  10. Plugin installer updates.
  11. Numerous font updates.
  12. Updated login logo.
  13. Switch position of “Save Draft” and “Preview” buttons in publish module.
  14. File upload support for MS Office 2007+ file formats.
  15. Media upload buttons won’t show if the user doesn’t have the upload capability.
  16. Canonical redirects only do yes-www or no-www redirection for domains.
  17. Shift-click checkbox range selection improvement.
  18. Add New User page now separate.
  19. Tag suggest only suggests tags (not other taxonomy terms).
  20. QuickPress shows “Submit for Review” if user cannot publish.
  21. Private posts/pages, and password-protected posts/pages are rolled into new “Visibility” section of publish module.

Click here to read more about the beta 3 releases…

There is no doubts we are going to love it. We just can’t wait for the new stable version. But wait a minute. we don’t need to wait for the stable version. Wordpress is always changing and we just need a click to update.

There is a problem we face every time we update wordpress. After updating, the emails come form wordpress at thesitename dot com. For some reasons we need to change word wordpress to info. There should be an option to change this email address from the admin panel.